Sophie Hunger – ‘Souldier’

Swiss crossover artist Sophie Hunger premiered the video for her new track ‘Souldier’ last week. Produced by La Blogothèque and directed by Jeremiah, the clip begins on the streets of Notting Hill Gate, following on from her appearance in ‘LikeLikeLike’, which you can see here:

The video is notable for its not-too-rosy comparison of London with Paris – the setting for ‘LikeLikeLike’. The French capital is seen through perky summer-tinted glasses, whereas London must settle for a sincere, atmospheric and moody portrayal. Yet the clips respectively get the two cities spot on. London is far from being understood as breezy and free; the city is glum, grey and gloomy. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to live – it just puts Londoners day-to-day life into perspective with those of our neighbours on the continent. Are we too anonymous and uptight for our own good?

Both of the tracks yield from Hunger’s 2012 set ‘The Danger of Light’, an eclectic mix of blues, folk and sophisticated pop. She plays in London on 29th May at The Garage Islington. I Used To Live In Notting Hill for one will be present.