New Island Values: Spend Less Time on Laptop

Macbook ProI feel that this aim was misguided from the start. It’s not necessarily how long you spend on a laptop, but what you do with it.

For me, I felt that I was becoming less focused as a result of technology. This really hindered my attentiveness when reading long articles or books. So limiting procrastination was key to this value.

Secondly, looking at a blue screen such as a laptop for extended periods of time has been proven to hinder your sight. My vision is already far from perfect.

To me, the main obstacle was stopping using the laptop right before bed. This is both detrimental to your eyes, but also provides you with a worse-off slumber. Waking up in the morning is brutal if you’ve been staring at your Mac seconds before you closed your eyes.

So i’ve failed to really change this habit much. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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