New Island Values: Doughnuts = Banana

Sticky ring Donouts with SprinklesThis was an attempt to limit my inappropriate intake of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Not that this was part of any diet plan. If anything, it would serve me to put on a few pounds. Actually this was about reducing my daily sugar intake. I’m highly aware that diabetes and glaucoma runs on one side of my family.

The simple idea is that, whenever I fancy a doughnut, I should eat a banana instead. Maybe this was slightly too simplistic, seemingly from the Paul McKenna school of thought. Yet by and large, it has worked. I’m eating far less Krispy Kreme’s whilst now consuming bananas aplenty.

The fact that banana’s are high in sugar themselves is not lost on me. But with fruit I feel you must weigh up the health benefits – which are almost always in favour of eating fruit, regardless.

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