Leaving Notting Hill

Here are a few of the blogs I keep an eye on:

  • Bristolvotes – A truly inspiring effort to make Bristol’s first mayoral election transparent and engaging.
  • Korea Vision – Insight into the world’s most closed society. Fascinating.
  • The Charnel-House – If you happen to be a fan of Soviet Art and Architecture, this place is essential.
  • Guy Fawkes – Still the best political blog around, no question.
  • Mini and Jules Do Blogging – Go for the awesome self-description in its header. Stay for the Lena Durham-esque take on London city and university life.
  • Potato Art Views – The effect that art and photography have on society. Unmissable stuff.
  • The Daily Miff – We all need food. We all like wit. Perfect combination, right here.
  • More Matter Jamie – Keep on touch of pop culture and instantly feel ten times smarter. Really engaging writer though.
  • Ja Ja Ja – An indie music blog specialising in artists from über-cool Scandinavia.
  • RIM Productions – Pretentious? Maybe. Nice to stare at? Indeed.

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