New Island Values

So we’re past the halfway point of 2013. That got me thinking about New Years Resolutions. At this point in the year, how many have actually been kept? I suspect the figure is rather low.

My resolution was rather ambitious. Technically they were resolutions. I set myself a list of 25 objectives that should either be sustained over the course of the year or achieved before the start of 2014. I named them the ‘New Island Values’. The idea for this was inspired by a book I was reading at the time: How To Be Danish by Patrick Kingsley. This introduction to Denmark highlights a set of New Values that have been adopted by leading industry professionals in the country. Considering my current infatuation with Denmark at the moment – see Borgen and Fallulah – it seemed like a natural progression.

My set of rules, however, are quite different from what the Danes adopted. In fact, I’ve mainly just stolen the name and added ‘Island’ for good measure. Nonetheless, the tasks equalled up to the person I wanted to be (emphasis on the wanted). Looking back, it does seem like I was setting myself up for failure. With so many goals, it’s hard to continuously change your habits at the flick of a switch.

So, here is the beginning of a mini-series on I Used To Live In Notting Hill, marking the past six-month anniversary of our current year, my successes and failures will be listed for all to see. I’ll link to all of the individual posts below as I deliver them. Enjoy!

>> Doughnuts = Banana  

>> Start run-commuting   

>> Eat Crispbread  

>> 20 Press-Ups Daily  

>> A Weekly Nicose Salad  

>> Eat Rye Bread    

>> Eat More Fruit    

>> Eat Less Meat    

>> Eat More Fish    

>> Eat More Vegetables   

>> Learn German   

>> Listen to Folk Music     

>> Watch Less TV    

>> Ride Bike Regularly    

>>

>> Frequent more cultural events   

>> Smile More   

>> Stop over-analysing things   

>> Go to Debate Society  

>> Participate more in Lectures/Tutorials    

>> Spend Less Time on Laptop  

>> No White Bread    

>> No Fries    

>> Be Happy 🙂     

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